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Blackjack is a casino game where, unlike other entertainment, participants have the opportunity to influence the course of the game. Once the bets are placed in the betting area, the dealer deals all the players a card face up, which eventually ends up with the dealer. He repeats the same process, but this time he ends up with a face-down card. In the top blackjack game variant, this second card is drawn after the players have finished their turn.Each of the players at the table, starting from the left, may then claim one or more additional cards.
Three different situations usually arise during the course of the game. It may happen that the banker wins the game. The merchant who represents them must then play online blackjack the highest score. Luck can also smile on the usual players at the table. To do this, their hand must be higher than the banker’s, in addition to achieving the winning value. The result is always favorable when the dealer’s total score is above 21. Finally, there is the case when a player has exceeded 21. This results in the loss of the original bet. It is then said ” saute ” or ” crève “.